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Medical use Of Marijuana Bill

Medical use Of Marijuana Bill REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MEDICINAL CANNABIS The following to be submitted to the Ministry of Health & Child Care in a Concept Note, are the requirements for licensing purposes for a Medicinal Cannabis licence:-
  1. a) Activities and reason(s) for requiring licences ( i.e. cultivation, cannabis oil, dry cannabis and responsible person in charge);
  2. b) Details of the Premises - description of the premises including physical security arrangements, details of the location, plans for the production facilities, field references and size;
  3. c) Record keeping (nature of records to be kept and manner i.e. whether hard copies or electronic);
  4. d) Supplier/ customer details- where the seed will be sourced from and the type of seed, clients to whom products will be supplied;
  5. e) Estimated yield
  6. f) Value addition and to whom the products would be supplied;
  7. g) Laboratory analysis services for the cannabinoids content;
  8. h) Mechanisms in place to reduce any potential risk to public health, safety or security including the diversion of cannabis to an illicit market or use, and
  9. 1) Source of funding/ capital