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Medical use Of Marijuana Bill

Medical use Of Marijuana Bill REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MEDICINAL CANNABIS The following to be submitted to the Ministry of Health & Child Care in a Concept Note, are the requirements for licensing purposes for a Medicinal Cannabis licence:- a) Activities and reason(s) for requiring licences ( i.e. cultivation, cannabis oil, dry cannabis and […]

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Sex, Intimacy, & Cannabis

In this online cannabis class (perfect for viewing with your partner) Dr. Jordan Tishler reveals why cannabis could help resolve many of the sexual intimacy and relationship challenges couples face today. He explores the cause of these problems, how cannabis works differently between the sexes, how cannabis can increase desire, arousal, orgasm, and what to […]

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Building A Credible team

Have a Resume to send us. Ready to relocate to HARARE – Zimbabwe ?  Click here to view HARARE.      Harare is the capital and most populous city of Zimbabwe. The city proper has an area of 960.6 km² and an estimated population of 1,606,000 in 2009, with 2,800,000 in its metropolitan area in […]

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deaths comparison

1 in 20 Deaths are caused by the use of alcohol all over the world; Still no deaths as a result of using Cannabis While it’s clear that alcohol is bad for you, it can be tough for some to let go of beer or wine as a part of their life. Normalization and legalization of adult-use […]

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South Africa Legalizes

is south Africa the third country in the continent to legalize ?

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ZIMBABWE investments


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Cannabis Edibles

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Smart Cannabis Investing

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the US, expected to generate over $20 billion by 2020. Which means it’s the perfect time for investors to enter and capitalize on this exploding market. But the cannabis industry is a unique landscape that requires a specialized approach to finding, vetting, and investing in the right companies, […]

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Addressing Cannabis Fears

Despite the growing mainstream acceptance of medical cannabis as a viable, effective treatment for a number of conditions, many patients are still reluctant to approach their physicians about it, citing psychoactivity, addiction and stigma issues as the top barriers to exploring this option. Fortunately, for this online class Jessica and Rachel Knox (both cannabis MD’s) […]

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Pregnancy & Cannabis

Stacey Kerr, MD, decided to do a deep dive into the research about cannabis and pregnancy. Coupled with her experience serving a community that used cannabis heavily during pregnancy, she shares her findings in this online class including: whether it’s safe to use cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding, long term negative (or positive) side-effects, what […]

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